How To Finish a Basement - Step by Step Guide

.Our basement finishing contractors can help you transform your basement into a usable living space because we understand that basement finishing is a great investment in your home.

You may be ready to make your basement a more useable space, but you really have no idea how to get started. Perhaps, you've asked, Should you take on the project yourself or hire some help? The answer really lies within you and your personal skill level and the time you have to complete the project, but you will likely need to hire an expert for parts of the job. And that is why Harris Desing Construction is here for you.

 how to finish a basement

So you work fulltime and only have spare time during the weekend. Fortunately, you can now progressively finish your basement and turn it into a cozy, relaxing space for friends and family or even into that Mancave you've been craving ever since the kids finally took over that spare room upstairs. You may be able to complete the rest of the basement project on your own out of the little time you make, but we are here to enlighten you on the steps in finishing a basement. Steps in which you will typically need a professional. From the electrical jobs to the plumbing and flooring jobs, we shall take you through all. Just before we go further, bear in mind that your basement remodeling project may vary.  This entirely depends on what has already been done, local building codes, and whether you plan on having bedrooms. For example, you’ll need to have emergency egress in each sleeping area. A very good way to understand how we perfectly finish a basement is by researching all of the steps involved in the process. This guide walks you through finishing your basement from beginning to end.

Steps to Finishing a Basement Now, dear mancave maven - it's time to dive into the details!  Below is a list of 8 steps to finish your basement. Empty Your Basement Ensure that all your personal belongings remain clean and safe during basement finishing by removing them from the basement. Our basement fining contractors will also ensure that all boxes, obsolete furniture, decorations, or anything else in your basement are removed so as to finish the ceiling, floor, and the walls thereby giving us full access to your basement. Does your Basement need Waterproofing? It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And so, you should give a second thought to a situation where your backyard slope towards the house or when your basement smell damp. One importance of basement waterproofing is that it helps avoid moisture getting into your basement. Hence, giving you peace of mind whenever it rains. We make sure there isn't a situation whereby you spend a lot of cash to get your basement finished and see your living space flooded with water after some months. For this reason, there will need to inspect to see if waterproofing is needed or not. Chances or no chances of your basement flooding, We advise that this crucial aspect of basement finished is inspected by a professional. Contact one of our Basement Finishing Contractors When it comes to researching local building permits and building codes, you will have to chill once you've hired one of our basement finishing contractors. We do all the work for you to have peace of mind in this step. Having contacted us, We will now be able to inspect your basement in order to determine how much work is needed to achieve your plans for space. This should be a first step in the process -  having a scheduled, free consultation with a basement finishing contractors at HarrisDesignConstruction Finishing the Basement Walls Your basement will now look much more cozy and attractive once we are done with the finishing of the basement walls. While we are a certified, finished basement company, our goal is to make sure that we deliver quality work and make your useable living space much more appealing. Are your basement walls just bare concrete? We will spice things up by installing insulation, drywall, and frame walls. Finishing the Basement Floor Having done something great to the walls, we will need to finish your basement floor with respect to the particular floor covering that we have asked you to select during the planning phase of the basement. Vinyl and ceramic tile are examples of floor covering that most of our clients use. ( and even most homeowners) Having a mere concrete floor in your basement is just lame and quite dangerous. We can go the extra mile to make sure your new flooring is protected from any form of moisture. Finishing the Basement Ceiling Moving on, we are done with the basement walls and floor. We then, move on to the ceiling of your basement. To keep utilities and pipes hidden, We give you the opportunity to choose between a drywall ceiling and a drop-ceiling. Your choice of the ceiling type will depend on your budget and personal preference. Many may opt for a drop-ceiling simply because it is pretty much cheaper, but a drywall ceiling looks more finished (so to say) Now, you have Your New Finished Basement! You can now use your finished basement for home theaters, home offices, gym rooms, playrooms, family rooms and so much more. Wrapping up, our remodeling contractors in Detroit are ever ready to help you enjoy your new living space. Just a couple of clicks away to request a free consultation for basement finishing from our ever-reliable contractors.  Your satisfaction is our pride.

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