The Perfect Cleanup For Carpets, Upholstery and Building Construction

At Harris Design Construction, we care all about our customers, giving you the top-of-the-line service in carpets and upholstery cleaning. The distinction of our services to homeowners, far and near,  is never by accident. 

While we make sure that your carpets and upholstery are thoroughly cleaned and get dried even before we exit your door, we provide cost-friendly and quality services that keeps you contacting us day in, day out. 

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With a top-notch, technical and technological approach to getting rid of disturbing, though stains and dirts, we are top-pick for any kind of upholstery cleanup. From your carpets to your cushions, soft furnishings and beyond, it is our joy to see that you smile at the sparkle and spiffiness of your beautiful home. 

Do you need a deep-clean and exceptional carpet cleaning experience?. Then you are definitely at the right place for you as the real solutions to your problem takes just some couple of clicks, and a little cash, too! 

Without further ado, we will carefully take you through some of our qualities that make Harris Design Construction your number one choice home restoration company in Michigan when it comes to a perfect clean-up for carpets and upholstery. 

There are, of course, other certified technician companies, but what makes us exceptional is the same as what can keep your home at the best looks, every day, and every time. 

What makes Harris Design Construction your number one choice? 

Well, it is not just about convincing you in a first trial. It is also making you understand what makes us stand out for our clients. 

It is equally important that you understand our scientific techniques in carpet cleaning. 

So, here are some superiority that boldly reflects during our service in carpet cleaning. 

1  Professionalism through training

It is no new thing that a technician can not offer the best service unless they receive proper training. 

Our workers gain professionalism through a right-mannered training, and this automatically translate to an excellent result from us. 

We offer good cleaning service because our company has technicians who have undergone a certified course. 

If you are out there looking for a carpet cleaning service, it is very important that you take into accout how trained their staff is. 

It is worthy of note that we are number one in this aspect. And that is why you can rely on us for optimum service rendering. 

2  Affordable service charge 

You want the best cleaning service, and you want it at an affordable rate. Then look no further. Mind you, our value and quality of cleaning services is not being sacrificed for cheap bargains. 

 As a professional carpet cleaning company, we ensure that we charge reasonable prices that you can easily afford.

When choosing a professional carpet cleaning service, you should consider the costs involved. It is prudent to choose a company that has varied pricing plans like Harris Design Construction, and that indicates the interval of routing cleaning sessions in a way that one sticks with one that has favorable prices. Thus, you can still stick to your financial budget when soliciting for our best carpet cleaning service.  

3  Our Customer Service Standard

Customer service is experienced from the first point of contact with a company. We greatly reflect all about our company’s professionalism and truism towards our earnest customer through this medium. 

In recent times, customers have become incapable to tolerating poor customer service, be it service rendered by doctor, flight attendant, cashier, and even janitors.  

 In this undertanding, we have equiped the reliability of the company from the minute you speak to our customer service officer, their knowledge and attitude when they attend to your enquiry and how your requested appointment schedule is being handled will make you come back season after season. 

Plus, we are known for our aptness in responding to urgent orders and making it easy for you to access us at any time. 

4  The use of Carpet Cleaning equipment and  Latest Technology 

To make our job easier, faster, and meeting your expectation, we have taken time to invest into proper cleaning equipment that will encourage exceptional delivery. 

In this way, it is now possible for us to handle commercial and residential cleaning with ease. With the right tools and equipment, stain spotting and removal becomes easy as is debris and moisture elimination. 

Our use of Proper tools and equipment guarantees the carpet owner that they will receive quality services despite the carpet sizes. In addition,  our tools are complemented with the right choice of detergents used in cleaning the carpet to ensure it is sparkling clean, eco-friendly,  and that all stains are eliminated.

Carpets can accumulate dirt, grime, allergens, and odors,  hence they have to be cleaned from time to time. 

 This greatly enhances the general health of the living area. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best carpet cleaning company to service your carpets routinely which ensures that one gets to enjoy expert carpet rejuvenation and maintenance. 

So, do yourself and your upholstery good by contacting us today. Your satisfaction is our pride. 

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